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Profel is a member of the Terraserve Group 

PROFEL is a firm specializing in the establishment, registration, and administration of companies in international jurisdictions and in the provision of professional services for the achievement of a successful business profile with optimal profitability.

PROFEL is a Global Business Services provider in the fields of Corporate Administration, Fiduciary Services, Accounting/Bookkeeping, and Business Advisory Services directly addressing the needs of international clients.  We navigate clients through the maze of the offshore sector and provide products at affordable prices with the utmost attention to high quality of service. We aim to help you expand into new markets, run your businesses more effectively, and take advantage of new possibilities.

Professionalism, confidentiality, reliability, and integrity are the hallmarks of our business philosophy. Our team of professionals are dedicated at ensuring that your needs are fully understood while providing you with unrivalled service and expertise. 

Our range of products includes a full range of Legal services, the Incorporation and Administration of companies from all major international centers, provision of Nominee services, Establishment of Bank Accounts and related products, Trustee services, Escrow Agency services, Formation of International Trusts, Bookkeeping and Compliance, along with other services which are natural additions to our main activities.

Our offices are located in the business centre of Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus. Cyprus, a full member of the European Union (EU) and the Eurozone, has the lowest tax regime in the EU. It is a prestigious international financial centre, having an excellent legal system, a stable banking system, and one of the most extensive Double Tax Treaty networks available.  PROFEL can guide you to the use of Cyprus companies in combination with those of other jurisdictions we offer to further optimize your business.